5 things you can do to up your skincare game

Hi! I’m Jen! While Blair is styling the cutest outfits for you,  you can up your skincare game with these tried and true favorites. Here are my top tips for clear and glowing skin! I’m 40, so I get the struggle of having youthful looking skin, but it’s possible!

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1. Double Cleanse

You can use the same cleanser, but cleansing your face twice is optimal for thorough makeup and grime removal. Jen’s top cleanser recommendations are Elemis Cleansing Balm, Cerave Cleansers, or this luxurious Tacha Cleansing Oil.

2. Tone

Toners seemed like an extra, unnecessary step until we started reading up on why/how they work. Toners restore your skin’s natural PH level and once that PH level is restored, it will make the active ingredients in your skincare work optimally. There’s no sense in buying products that won’t work well on skin that’s not prepped for it. You wouldn’t paint a wall before priming, right? Jen’s favorite is the Murad Toner w/ Vitamin C.

3. Apply Serums to a damp face.

Before applying serums or creams, be sure your face is slightly damp to ensure all the product is getting into the skin. Applying moisturizers to a dry face can cause the product to just sit on top of the skin. Jen’s holy grail serum is this one from Skinceuticals.

4. Use a clean towel.

Use a clean towel. Well, yes, of course, you’re thinking! Towels that sit in your bathroom may be filled with hidden bacteria (yep, even the “clean ones”). Towels are often left damp and reused – creating a breeding ground for bacteria to grow. Using Clean Towels keep germs away from your face especially if you have sensitive skin. Even with freshly laundered towels, detergents can be too irritating to sensitive skin and these biodegradable face towels are the perfect solution.

5. Ice, Ice baby.

Ice can be a great tool to de-puff your face, wake you up in the morning and even help headaches and neck pain dissipate. In addition, applying ice to a pimple, or those annoying underground ones that turn into mountains on your face, is a great way to calm the inflammation and redness. Jen loves her ice roller from amazon, an easy solution for redness, breakouts and overall puffiness.

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Written by Jennifer Deyo