Summer Capsule: All the basics you need.

Are you tired of feeling like you have “nothing to wear”? As a personal fashion stylist, I’ve found that having a the right basics can make all the difference in creating a well-rounded wardrobe for endless outfit combos.

THINK OF THESE AS THE BASE of your wardrobe, and then use trendier and personalized picks to really show your personal style.

In this post, I’ll be sharing the basic clothing items you should have in your closet — crucial for maximizing your wardrobe’s potential. These items are must-haves that will elevate your style game and help you feel confident when getting dressed. Let’s dive in!

but first…

BUDGET THOUGHTS: Before you start shopping, Blair wants to shift your mindset on budgeting for clothes: Here she chats about the importance of price per wear.

Basic tops for spring/summer

Look for shirts that are lightweight, easy to mix and match and made from materials like cotton, gauze, linen and silk.


Bottoms for Summer

Sun’s out, bum’s out 😉 We’re sharing our favorite skirts, shorts and pants for summer. Think lightweight, light colored denim, white pants and linen! And please – invest in these basics. If you wear jeans most days of the week, we beg you to invest in a great pair of denim!

Higher-end denim will last longer, is cut with more precision and will fit and flatter you much better than some of the cheaper brands who cut their denim in stacks, creating weird gaps, unflattering seams and well, just looks cheap. Here are 4 jeans we think are worth the investment.

basic pants needed for summer. summer capsule wardrobe.

JEAN SHORTS GUIDE: Allie explains the difference here of various cuts of Abercrombie denim shorts.

Favorite layering pieces for summer

Layering is often the part that makes or breaks a basic outfit.

This crucial “third piece” is a great way to add personality, and intention to any outfit. From looking like you just threw on jeans and a tee, to “wow, she looks so put together!” — this is what great layering pieces do (in addition to keeping you comfortable when you go from 90 degree heat to a freezing restaurant in the summer months!)

With the right jacket, light sweater or other piece, you add dimension and interest to what could be considered a “plain outfit” and immediately it makes it more exciting, pulled together, and YOU.

summer basic capsule wardrobe for women.

And the most fun part – Shoes & Accessories!

Clients are constantly telling us that the hardest part of pulling an outfit together is the shoes! Blair has chosen these basic styles as your foundation to a complete and maximized summer wardrobe.

FOOT PAIN? We got you. We pulled our favorite stylish shoes that are actually comfortable here.

summer capsule wardrobe for women over 40. 40 year old capsule wardrobe.


We hope this helped you get organized for summer! If you need a checklist for your summer capsule wardrobe must-haves, please shoot email to subscribe with the subject: “SUMMER CHECKLIST”.


Written by Jennifer Deyo