Brooke has worked in fashion for over 10 years and owns a fashion-forward lifestyle brand. She believes in having fun with fashion and elevating your everyday style with beautiful accessories. Brooke has been featured in style publications and has designed accessory collections for a major department store. She enjoys helping women feel polished and beautiful from the inside out– one elevated outfit at a time. “A woman’s best accessory is her confidence!”

What is your background in styling?

From a very young age, I've loved fashion. Working for a woman's apparel company right out of college taught me so much about styling a multitude of women with different shapes, styles and lifestyles. I strive to inspire you and help guide your personal style choices so you can feel your absolute best.

How would you describe your personal style and approach to fashion?

Feminine yet divergent. I love all style genres and your style doesn’t have to stay in just one lane. We’ll play around with your clothes and explore different styles and combinations! If you’re into having fun with your style, trying new accessories and stepping outside the box, we’re the perfect match! Three stores: Anthropologie, Dillards & Farm Rio

What is your style motto?

Personal style is not one size fits’s unique to you and should elicit feelings of happiness, beauty and confidence. Don't be afraid to explore different styles and play around with accessories to instantly elevate your everyday outfits.

What's your Favorite part about working with clients?

Being a part of your transformation as you discover your personal style so you feel beautiful and confident is the best part. You’ll have a style companion-- someone to walk you through your style discovery journey and I can’t wait to see the polished and confident woman who steps out on the other side.

How do you understand someone's personal style and help them stay true to themselves?

Getting to know your style through exploratory conversation about your current personal style, desires and struggles is crucial to our success. Oftentimes, someone's current wardrobe doesn’t reflect their desired style so it's important to understand your desired outcome and I’ll work until we achieve it. Keeping an open mind throughout the process and being willing to try new things can lead to a defined personal style that is new, fresh and exciting.

If you can say one thing to someone struggling with not loving their wardrobe, body or style.... what would it be?

You are worthy of looking and feeling your very best every day! As your style companion and champion, we’re not done until you feel the most confident about yourself and your wardrobe choices.

If you could only shop at 3 stores for the rest of your life, where would you choose?

Anthropologie, Dillards & Farm Rio