7 things I learned from a personal stylist

tips from a personal stylist. what a personal stylist taught me
what i learned from a personal stylist. things learned from a personal stylist. nashville personal stylist Blair Moore
Blair Moore, personal stylist and owner of Be Styled, Co., Nashville, TN

1. Don’t be scared of color.

Are you bored of your clothes? I was! I needed to stop purchasing every gray sweater I saw online. My closet looked like a funeral and let’s just say, I was slowly dying inside, too. I was able to jump outside of my comfort zone and wear some different color combinations I would have never put together myself. For my 40th birthday, she talked me into some bright pieces like these below for a Caribbean trip and I felt so beautiful & confident!

2. Be comfy but polished.

It’s possible to still be super comfortable without looking like you’ve been shot out of a cannon. I was the queen of sweatpants and Ugg’s and simply looking disheveled. Blair taught me how to style a jogger set and traded in my outdated boots for some fashionable sneakers. The sneakers immediately made the outfit feel more put together and I didn’t have to exchange comfort for style!

One tip was, “add a piece of jewelry and a denim jacket and now, even a jogger set looks intentional!” Speaking of, if you haven’t tried the Cozy Earth joggers (shown below), what are you even doing?! They’re 40% off with code BYBLAIR40.

Blair Moore, Nashville personal stylist. Things I learned from a personal stylist.
Cozy earth white bamboo jogger set styled three ways

3. Pull up your pants

Okay, well she didn’t say it in that way, but a higher waisted pant made my short legs look way longer! I never thought about proportions before, but being only 5’1’’, this made all the difference. Here’s a quick video about the rule of thirds and why proportions matter when getting dressed. Plus Blair’s top picks for jeans are here!

Wearing high waisted jeans make you look taller. Why a personal stylist says yes to high waisted jeans. Should you wear high waisted jeans
Madewell perfect vintage flare jean, high rise.

4. Add a belt

Are you left wondering why the most “classic” outfits (think jeans and a white tee) are not looking chic? They felt BORING. She introduced me to some high quality belts and boom, I looked styled by adding just one interesting piece to my jeans and tee look. Here’s a roundup of her favorite belts.

5. Keep your cuff.

Do you love the look of a rolled sleeve but struggle with it falling down all day? Blair introduced me to these genius amazon elastic arm bands that won’t cut off your circulation but will keep your blazer, jacket or sweater sleeves cuffed and in place throughout the day.

6. Get a tailor, today!

Since I’m short, eh hem, *petite*, many pants and skirts just aren’t cut for my height. Having things tailored to the right length made all the difference. Skirts that were once overwhelming my petite frame, suddenly gave an illusion of length and I was able to keep the rule of thirds easier with pieces that fit my body. Finding the right tailor is probably the most important style rule if you want to look polished.

7. Shoe Shop

Most of the outfits I would try to recreate from Pinterest ended up falling flat. Why? The shoes weren’t right. I didn’t have the right basic categories of shoes, and if the shoes are off, the whole outfit doesn’t look right! The pants don’t fall correctly and it will throw off the whole vibe. Her shoe capsule helped me find exactly what I needed to never get stuck on an outfit again.

If you’re wanting to elevate your style, start here! You won’t regret investing in yourself and how the world sees you!

Written by Jennifer Deyo