How to Dress Stylish in Extreme Heat

fashion for when it's hot outside. What to wear in super hot weather

Staying Fashionable when it’s HOT

dressing stylish in extreme heat

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Are you ready to stay fashionable when it’s super hot? In this dressing for summer heat guide, we’ll share some practical fashion tips and outfit ideas specifically tailored for women over 30 on how to dress stylish in extreme heat (We’re in Nashville, so we get it!).

Let’s dive in and discover how to rock those scorching temperatures with confidence!

How to Stay Fashionable When It’s Hot Outside

  • Embrace lightweight and breathable fabrics like cotton, gauze, and linen.
  • Opt for loose-fitting silhouettes like maxi dresses (get Blair’s maxi dress seen in the first image below – 40% off with code BYBLAIR40) that allow airflow and keep you comfortable.
  • Elevate your outfits with summer accessories like hats, sunglasses, and scarves to keep the sun off your skin and your outfit looking intentional.

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Pants Options for Extreme Heat

What pants to wear in extreme heat? Plus, one item to cover your arms without being hot.

  • Choose lightweight options such as linen or cotton wide leg pants.
  • Kimonos are a great way to keep your arms covered without overheating, while also adding color to your outfit.
  • Consider cropped pants, culottes, rompers or wide-leg trousers for better ventilation.
  • Embrace flowy and relaxed styles that let your skin breathe. If the outfit feels too flowy and you’re losing your shape, add a fabric or summer style belt to a dress/skirt look for more structure. Here are some summer belts we love from Amazon.

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Workwear Tips for 90-Degree Weather

What should I wear to work in 90-degree weather? And my office is freezing!

  • Opt for lightweight fabrics like linen dresses, skirts, or tailored shorts. Wider leg pants are all the rage right now, so these flowy trousers will give you more breathability when walking to work.
  • Choose office-appropriate sandals or open-toe shoes for breathability. Platform sandals are an option to give you more height without the pain of a heel and, speaking of foot pain, our favorite shoes with comfort as FIRST priority are all here.
  • Keep your outfits professional and polished while staying cool and comfortable with linen blazers or lightweight cardigans for indoors because WHY, WHY are offices always so cold?!


Choosing the Best Colors for Extreme Heat

What are the best colors to wear in extreme summer heat?

  • Light and pastel shades are your best friends.
  • Whites, creams, pastel blues, and soft pinks reflect sunlight and keep you cooler. Embrace these refreshing colors to create a breezy summer look. Here’s Blair’s favorite blazer for a lightweight option in the summer months.

Styling Black in Super Hot Weather

How to wear black when it’s super-hot? You love black (don’t we all!) but it can be tough to pull off when trying to stay cool. Here’s how:

  • Opt for lightweight dark colored fabrics like linen or gauze, like these soft gauze pants. Plus, you may like Blair’s must-have gauze shirt from J.Crew.
  • Choose flowy black dresses, skirts, or loose tops to minimize heat absorption. But remember the rule of thirds and keep proportions in check. Looser pants go with a tighter fitting top and visa versa.
  • Balance black pieces with lighter accessories like this belt or pops of color to keep it fresh and summer appropriate. Straw bags, belts and hats immediately take an all black outfit to a summer style with ease.

Blair Moore using pops of color | Fashion Jackson in a black mini dress | Pumps and Pushups all black summer looks

Now you’re armed with practical fashion tips and shopping suggestions to stay stylish in extreme heat. Remember, comfort is key, but you don’t have to compromise on style. Embrace breathable fabrics, choose the right colors, and experiment with lightweight silhouettes and layers.

If you’re seeking personalized fashion advice, don’t hesitate to reach out to our personal stylists or explore the world of online styling services we offer.

Stay cool, stay chic, and rock your summer looks with confidence!

staying stylish in super hot weather
Written by Jennifer Deyo