White Hot: White Jean Outfit Ideas for Summer

white jeans for women over 40

White jeans are a versatile and stylish wardrobe staple that can elevate your summer outfits. If you’re a fashion-savvy woman, white jeans can be your go-to piece for creating fresh and modern looks. In this style guide, we’ll explore various ways to style white jeans and unleash your fashion creativity. Let’s dive in and discover the perfect white jean ensembles for the sunny season!

What do you wear with white jeans in the summer?

  • Embrace vibrant colors: Pair your white jeans with bold and bright hues like cobalt blue, coral, or fuchsia for a striking contrast that exudes summer vibes.

JCrew White Jeans and blue striped nautical top and sandals.

  • Opt for nautical chic: Calling all coastal grandmothers! Create a timeless and classic look by pairing your white jeans with a navy and white striped top. Complete the outfit with espadrilles and a straw tote for a chic coastal-inspired ensemble.
  • Keep it casual with neutrals: Combine your white jeans with neutral tones like beige, camel, or khaki for an effortlessly chic and relaxed look. Add a breezy linen top and metallic sandals to complete the laid-back summer outfit.

Neutral tops paired with a white jean is updated, classic and chic! Shop the looks here.

What is the best color to wear with white jeans?

  • Go monochromatic: Create a sleek and elegant look by styling your white jeans with a tonal top or blouse. Opt for shades of ivory, cream, or light gray to achieve a sophisticated monochromatic ensemble.
  • Add a pop of color: Elevate your white jeans with a vibrant and eye-catching top in colors like turquoise, citrus yellow, or coral. This playful combination will instantly liven up your outfit and showcase your personal style. Style tip, pull in a color of your bag or top to your shoes. Your outfit will look intentional and elevated with this consistency.

How can I make white jeans dressier?

A longer, wide leg white jean will look dressier and elevated vs. a cropped or skinny white jean. Pair the dressier look with heels or a platform sandal and add accessories like a statement earring and gold bracelets or other jewelry to dress it up.

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Your choice of bag (all our favorite summer bags can be found here) will also set the tone of the outfit. Choose something more structured for a dressier white jean look and something like a straw tote to dress it down. Take a look at these side by side images about how what you add to white jeans determines how dressy you’ll look:


Which are the best white jeans? Our top 4 white jeans are below.

  • Flattering silhouettes: Look for white jeans with a mid-rise or high-rise white jean to enhance your silhouette, lengthen your legs and provide a comfortable fit. High rise also gives you more options for tops, since you won’t have to worry about them showing your belly if the top is cropped or slightly cropped.
  • Straight leg or bootcut styles offer a timeless and flattering look. But if you love your skinny jeans, that’s okay too! Just modernize the look with a flowy top or graphic tee and a blazer for a more updated style.
  • Consider your body type: If you have an hourglass figure, opt for white jeans with a slight stretch to hug your curves. For pear-shaped or apple-shaped bodies, choose white jeans with a wider leg or a slight flare to balance proportions. Petite frames do well with a straight leg or slight flare to elongate your legs. If it’s a straight cut white jean, make sure it’s altered or cut to be right above the ankle bone. If your white jeans hit your shoe in an odd place, it will throw off the entire outfit. Showing a bit of ankle (but not too much!) is a great way to slim and lengthen your body. Take our body type quiz here!
white jean outfit ideas for women over 40. Best white jean outfits.


Our top 4 favorite white jeans are here:

  1. Good American – Good Curve Straight Leg White Jean – all around a classic, will never go out of style.
  2. Mother Denim – The Hustler Ankle Fray White Jeans – Blair’s favorite brand of jeans and worth the investment.
  3. Jcrew white trouser jean – for a wider leg fit and more modern vibe.
  4. Spanx white flare jean – perfect when you tend to go up and down in weight and want more stretch. Spanx also has an opacity technology in their white jeans to avoid see-through mishaps.

Spanx opacity technology, you’ll never worry again about what’s showing through!

How to wear white jeans when it’s super hot out

  • Choose lightweight fabrics: Opt for white jeans made from lightweight materials like cotton or linen blends, as they offer breathability and comfort in hot weather. Steer clear of super tight styles, and go with wider leg to have more airflow and comfort.
  • Stay cool with flowy feminine tops: Pair your white jeans with loose-fitting tops in lightweight fabrics like silk or linen/gauze.

3 Style Secrets for White Jeans

  1. Be sure your undergarments under white jeans (this brand is our favorite!) are skin toned and have a seamless or no-show style.
  2. Make sure the jeans are not too thin, which can be see through and accentuate cellulite/skin texture or draws attention to undergarments.
  3. If you’re wanting to wear your white jeans with flats sometimes and heels other times, we recommend getting two pairs, both altered at the right length for the different shoe styles.

Remember, finding the perfect white jeans that fit your body type (not sure which body type you are? That’s okay – we have a quiz for that here) and personal style is essential.

You’re ready to rock your white jeans and embrace summer with confidence! And yes, you can wear your white jeans way past Labor Day! That’s an old rule we’ve thrown out the window!


Written by Jennifer Deyo