Where to Save vs. Splurge: A Fashion Stylist’s Pro Tips.

save vs splurge clothes

You buy that dress that’s on MAJOR sale but the fit isn’t exactly right or you really just don’t love it (“but Blair, it was such a great deal!“) …so it hangs in your closet collecting dust and that $49 dress ends up being donated or wasting space.

Listen up, we have ALL been there so don’t feel guilty! But what if I can change your perspective when it comes to your wardrobe investment pieces and where to save

3 key tips when purchasing new clothes!

Kassi and Allie in the closet edit process. Learn more here.

1. Inventory your closet!

Inventory what you have and make an intentional list of items to fill in the gaps. (Here’s our fall basic wardrobe checklist to print/reference)

wardrobe checklist for women

This way you are shopping with intention and not buying multiple similar items that are unnecessary. 

2. Prioritize that list and make a budget if necessary.

Focus on the key pieces that you really need first like a great new pair of boots or a classic coat that will last many seasons. 

3. When shopping, ask yourself these three questions

  1. Do I love it? (We always say, if it’s not a “hell yes”, it’s a “no”)
  2. Does it meet my lifestyle?
  3. Can I wear it multiple ways?

It comes down to cost per wear (smart girl math)

Girl. It’s ok to spend more on a pair of boots or a great pair of jeans that you are going to wear all the time!

But it can be hard to know which items to save and where to invest. This is going to vary by your job/ lifestyle/personal taste, etc and that’s where our personalized styling services come in.

But, if you’re not quite ready for a personal styling experience, I’ve created a master list for both the stay at home mom and corporate professional to reference!  

If You’re a Stay At Home Mom:

Invest in the following items: STAY AT HOME MOM

Athleisure: You’re not a regular mom, you’re a cool mom 😉 and we know you’re probably in athleisure most of the time, so let’s elevate with high quality, well made leggings, joggers and tops. Athleisure brands we recommend are Lululemon, Athleta and Cozy Earth (get 40% site-wide on all Cozy Earth with code BYBLAIR40 (excludes cashmere)).

Shop Cozy Earth Joggers | Shop Cozy Earth Quilted Pullover

Fashion Sneakers: Our favorite fashion sneaks that are fashionable and comfortable are these Nike sneaks, these from Veja and these.

Jeans: Our favorite brand overall is Mother Denim, Spanx if you tend to fluctuate in weight (comes in petite, regular and tall!), and Good American for plus size denim, and Anthropologie for petites!

Casual jacket: Your layering piece is going to be key into looking polished and stylish on the go. Even with leggings or a casual pair of jeans, your jacket can instantly elevate you from hot mess to hot mom. Here’s our top picks for jackets for busy, yet stylish mommas!

Neutral bag: Every mom needs a do it all bag, with a crossbody coming in hot as our TOP pick so you can be hands free. This is our favorite smaller bag, our favorite larger size, and we LOVE this brand for carrying your phone, cards and everything else without a bag at all!

Shop Look 1 | Shop Look 2 | Shop Look 3

Save on the following items: STAY AT HOME MOM

Tees/ graphic tees : Especially if you have young kids (hello spit up), get graphic tees and solid Tees at Target for under $15 

Dresses/ skirts: Unless you are getting dressed up all the time, you can save on more affordable options in this category. Our favorite dresses can be found here.

Sweaters: There are so many affordable cute sweater options out there like H&M and this Quince $50 cashmere sweater, say what!?! (plus so many other styles and colors!)  

If You’re a Corporate Professional 

Our number one pick if you’re ready to invest in a classic, timeless blazer.

Invest in the following items: CORPORATE PROFESSIONAL

Blazers: A great blazer can be dressed down with denim or dressed up with trousers or skirts. But fit and quality are key. Our favorite investment blazer is this one by Veronica Beard

Jeans: Especially a dark wash, non-distressed and black jean if you can wear jeans to the office. A nice cut of jeans will look polished and you can dress them up with a blazer (this one’s our favorite comfortable blazer), or a jacket like this or this.

Comfortable Shoes: If you travel or are on your feet a lot, comfortable, yet stylish shoes are key. There’s nothing more depleting than having painful feet while at work. Our favorite brand for comfortable heels and boots is Ally Shoes (with 4 different widths and tons of sizes/colors, you’re basically getting a custom shoe, and your shoe size is probably not changing so it’s okay to invest in a great pair or two!).

If you want to learn more about Ally Shoes and how they’re engineered to be like sneakers, check out the full post here.

Shop pumps here | Shop ankle boots here

Our full list of comfortable, yet stylish shoes can be found here. Plus, two foot products help cushion (here) and help secure (here) the bottoms of your shoes and YOU from embarrassing falls!

Versatile power dress: A well made and well fitting dress can be styled so many ways. Worn alone, with a blazer, or even over a collared shirt is a classic, elevated look. You can also take a sweater and belt it to make the dress look more like a skirt/sweater combination for endless outfits.

A great work bag: Talking about price per wear? Think about price per use! A great looking work bag can elevate even the most basic outfit. Invest in a high quality bag that will last you years like this neutral one for fall/winter, this for spring/summer, and this one to hold everything you’d ever need in one bag.

Shop bag one | Two (on sale as of publish date!) | Three perfect for travel boss babes.

Save on the following items: CORPORATE PROFESSIONAL

Blouses: Thanks to Quince and Express, they have great quality beautiful blouses (these are washable silk!) under $100

Pants: There are so many affordable great trousers out right now that you don’t have to spend thousands of dollars on. Here’s our favorite trouser for work and play.

Sweaters / cardigans: Check out the sweaters from Mango and Quince (they’re famous for their $50 sweater) and both retailers have affordable and stylish options under $100!

Quince washable silk (Image 1-2) | Express puff sleeve blouse and many other affordable ones found here

And to wrap up, some fall outfit inspo whether you’re in a splurge or save kinda mood!

Shop Image One | Shop Image Two

Written by Jennifer Deyo