Beauty tricks to make you feel fresher…and oh so luxurious!

Simple tricks & products for adding to your beauty routine so your products work better and you feel better overall!

Moisture before Moisturizing

Making sure your skin is moist before moisturizer is a MUST – I started using this spray bottle before putting on face serums, body lotions or hair masks.

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You can also use it on hair before refreshing an old blowout or use it to prep your hair for a hair mask! When hair is damp, not wet, the mask will penetrate better! And speaking of hair masks, this one is by far my favorite!

Jolie Shower head.

Okay, this was a Tik Tok viral product influenced me big time, but girl, after just 2 uses, I swear my hair is softer and my naturally curly/coarse, or, eh hem, kinda *Monica from friends when she goes to the Caribbean* vibes, has just been TAMER.

Shop the filtered shower head here.

You know when you get out of the pool and your hair feels rough and tangly? This filter gets rid of the chlorine and other nasty chemicals in our water and you’re left with super soft locks. Oh and bonus, it makes your shower pressure BETTER! This is a must if you’re dealing with thinning, dull hair and the filter is easily changed every 90 days.

Clean Skin Club towels

If you have sensitive skin (and random breakouts that you can’t figure out the cause?!), you’re gonna wanna try this!

Harsh detergents, mold, grime from your bathroom towels can transfer onto your face. Ew, David.

Even the roughness of classic bath towels can be irritating. These Clean Skin Club towels attach to the inside of your cabinet, or you can grab their cute wooden box for the countertop if you’re feeling extra bougie 🙂

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Facial Steamer for an at home spa

Ok, I’ve gifted it to so many people who also rave about it! Use this facial steamer while you cleanse and those opened up pores will thank you for the deep clean.

This puppy heats up in about 30 seconds and comes with an attachment if you want to add essential oils. Also a great tool to use when you’re congested! Boom. Double duty.

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This Bath Towel Warmer ahhh

I’m frozen when I get out of the shower, and this Amazon find has become a household favorite!

Shop this towel warmer here on Amazon.

WARNING: Watch out, your kids are going to want to use yours too! I’ve bought them as gifts for people, and everyone says it’s a household argument when the warmer gets “mysteriously moved” Pro tip – buy two. 😊

beauty routine tricks

Tone Up (don’t worry it’s not exercising!)

Toner – ok, this sounds like skincare 101 but I used to always skip a toner thinking “that’s just an added step I don’t need/have time for”. Did you know all the expensive serums and products you put on your face are tested on PH balanced skin!?

So, if you’re not using one, the money that you’re spending on all those products may not working to their optimal level!

These are my favorites, here, here and a more affordable one here to balance your skin’s Ph. Pro tip: Search for a toner that also tackles your particular skin issue. Like acne control, oil control or hydration! Stay toned, sista.

Shop the images: Elemis toner | Cerave Hydrating Toner | Dr. Barbara Sturm toner (the best splurge skincare line, btw!!)

*Singing The more you know….* “The skin’s barrier is slightly acidic for a reason: to keep moisture in and bacteria out. If your pH balance is off and it’s too alkaline, your skin is going to look flaky and red. If it’s too acidic, you’ll increase your chances of inflammatory skin conditions like eczema and acne.” –

Slugging your body

Say what? You may have heard of slugging your face (basically slathering on Vaseline or other moisturizing balms so you wake up super moisturized) but this drugstore product has been the savior to my dry, flakey, gross winter skin.

HOW TO: After showering, when your skin is still moist, slather it all over your body and throw on an old tee shirt and loose bottoms you can wash. The next morning, toss those clothes into the hamper and step into your outfit with the smoothest, most moisturized winter skin you’ve ever felt! Slug, queen, slug.

Hydrafacial at home

What’s a hydrafacial? In a nutshell, it’s an oh so luxurious (but super expensive!) spa facial that uses suction to get out all the dirt, blackheads and other pore cloggers while infusing moisturizing serum back into the face.

This hydrafacial tool pays for itself in one use. And it’s …WORTH EVERY PENNY. I refill it with this concentrate here.

Shop hydrafacial machine here.

It’s basically a Dyson vacuum for your face and when you see the cartridge with your floating blackheads or other build up, you won’t believe your eyes. It’s AMAZING.

That’s all (in my Merryll Streep from Devil Wears Prada voice)

Shop the hydrafacial Beauty Bio Tool here.

The most Random Find

This one is super random, but I use this cheap tool from amazon to help rebuild collagen on the parts of my face where I’m getting fine lines and wrinkles.

Shop derma stamp here.

FOR ACNE SCARRING: Michele Greene, MD notes, “particularly atrophic scars, usually small indentations on the skin, the microneedling (stamp) is able to reduce the skin’s natural “memory” of scarring and rejuvenate the skin without creating any scar formation or tissue damage”. Be gentle with this, it “punctures” the skin so that it’s forced to regenerate new collagen.

FOR BROW GROWTH: I also use it when applying brow or hair growth serum (get 20% off Nulastin with discount code JENNIE20) to ensure it seeps in deeper. Get your derma stamp here on Amazon!

From thinning brows to needed a major wax and trim, this stuff works! Get 20% off with code JENNIE20 at Nulastin.

Shave ya Face, Girl.

Cakey makeup be gone.

This is also one of those tools that I thought was unnecessary until I used it and realized the peach fuzz on my face was the main culprit behind cakey makeup. This blade shaves off dead skin, peach fuzz and will leave your face looking like J.Lo.

WARNING: Be extra vigilant with sun protectant the days following dermaplaning, because your skin will burn more easily.

Nope, the hair does not grow back darker or thicker – the peach fuzz will simply be whatever it was before you shaved it off.

Images: Stacked Skincare Dermaplaning Tool, Dermaplaning Process and (Image Rights and Learn More), How it helps your skin.

HOW TO: Apply a bit of firm pressure while holding your skin taught, use short, downward motions and this kit has tinier pieces you can attach for the nose and other hard to reach spots. Be sure to watch a tutorial before starting to avoid nicks.

TIP: Dermaplaning is best to do on dry skin but if you want a bit more protection, you can use a light layer of moisturizer before dermaplaning.

You’re going to be amazed how much better your makeup looks, and how much better your creams and serums sink into your skin without that extra layer on your face! Bye bye fuzz!

Hope you learned something new, or found your next fun beauty tool for a fresh and beautiful fall and winter!



Written by Jennifer Deyo