Don’t Sleep on These Beauty Must Haves for Fall 2023

Fall fashion isn’t complete without a perfect makeup and skincare products to complement those cozy sweaters and stylish boots. Jen (our beauty and skincare girlie) is spilling the tea on the top ten beauty must-haves for Fall 2023. Tried and tested, these picks will have you looking and feeling fabulous and refreshed throughout the season!

So, grab a pumpkin spice latte, cozy up, and let’s dive into the world of fall beauty together.

beauty must haves 2023

1. Hair Growth In As Little As two Weeks

(plus 20% off for you! Use code STYLED20)

Whether you’ve overplucked your brows from the 90’s (why were super thin brows a trend!?) or have had hair loss from covid or aging, this is a MUST TRY. I suffer from trichotillomania (hair pulling disorder), so when I say I’ve tried it all, it feels quite literal. But the search is complete! With Nulastin, I’ve seen growth in as little as 2 weeks! Dries fast, no sticky residue and you won’t believe your hair growth in areas you thought were gone forever!

Here are some of my before and after pics from using Nulastin brow, hair and lash serum.

TIP: Use a microneedle roller or steamer to make the product sink deeper into skin & remember to take before pics to track your progress…you won’t believe your results!

Jen’s been pulling her hair for over 20 years and thought she had lost her brows for good…there’s hope! Shop hair serums here.

2. Clean Skin Club towels

This is wildly underhyped.

Clean Skin Club says, “taking care of your skin doesn’t start and end with what kind of products you apply to it. Other external factors play a huge role in the overall health of your skin.” AMEN to this.

If you’re having breakouts, or other skin irritations and can’t find the cause – it could be your bath towels! Think about the germs that breed on towels from your washing machine and harsh detergent ingredients! EW, DAVID.

Clean Skin Club states, “In research at the University of Arizona, it was found that 90% of the towels carried coliform bacteria, and 14% had e-coli.. Ew! Over a course of three days, the bacteria multiplied 10-fold!” Okay, that’s enough. Trust us on this one. You’ll never go back!!

3. Elemis Cleansing Balm for mature Skin

If you have mature or dry skin, this is going to be your new skin bestie. This collagen infused cleansing balm transforms into 3 unique textures. It nourishes as a balm, easily removes makeup as a cleansing oil and hydrates as a cleansing milk. I mean, what more can a girl ask for?!

Elemis won’t strip your skin and your makeup will glide on on more easily without caking up (dry skin ladies, you know what i’m talking about!!). I’m 40 and my skin has changed with age, this ENTIRE product line has been the perfect transition for dry, sensitive and maturing skin.

Jen, using the elemis cleansing balm. Shop the entire elemis line here.

4. This Tool. No more Cakey Makeup!

If you’ve ever had a professional dermaplaning facial (basically shaving your face to get rid of texture, peach fuzz and dead skin), then this tool pays for itself in one use.

With refillable blades you can buy from Amazon, I highly recommend adding this tool to your skin routine every few weeks –especially if you have makeup that cakes up, or you feel like your expensive skincare is just sitting on top of your face! It probably is, if you have dead skin and facial peach fuzz on there!

This is a game changer and will get you that J.Lo glow!!

Shop dermaplaning tool here

5. Say Peace Out to Blackheadsand Build Up!

This hydrafacial tool is INCREDIBLE. Watch Jen use it here (you won’t believe what’s in the waste chamber, omg GROSS but super satisfying!)

Easy to use, stays charged for so long and comes with detachable heads to get into the tiny crevices around your nose. Radiates a blue light to kill bacteria, and the suction not only vacuums out the nasty stuff in your skin, but simultaneously infuses hydrating serum so your face is left feeling calm, moisturized and deep cleaned. A MUST TRY for any skin care lover!

Sucks out all bacteria, blackheads and all the congestion from summer filled with sweat and sunscreen! So fresh!!

TIP: Make sure you FULLY charge this device before your first use and use filtered water in the concentrate chamber (that’s going to go into your skin!). Steam your face before use, to loosen up blackheads and congestion!

6. Bring the spa home.

This facial steamer stays on my bathroom countertop, doesn’t take up too much space and its simple design isn’t an eye sore. Heats up in about 20 seconds and the steam POURS OUT of this bad boy, making a perfect prep for your skin during or after cleansing.

TIP: Applying your skin care serums to opened up pores and a damp face (I love this spray bottle to dampen face) will help them penetrate deep into the skin.

I’ve bought these multiple times for gifts and I’ll bet you’re going to love it as much as everyone who’s been gifted them!

Purchase the Vanity Planet Steamer here.

7. The never Ending Blush

Rare beauty has nailed it with these blushes and we get why. You need the tiniest bit of this pigmented blush, and boom, you’ll be glowing.

TIP: Set this liquid formula with a powder blush in a similar tone if you want your blush to stay all day. Our favorite shades for fall 2023 Rare Beauty blushes are BELEIVE, HOPE, and ENCOURAGE.

8. If No Lipsticks Look Good on You

This universally flattering lipstick is heaven sent. So many women struggle with finding the right shade and you may feel, um *clown like* when you put them on! We’ve found your solution.

TIP: Pull down your lip, and that part of your underside of your lip is the most flattering shade for your skin tone!

This Charlotte Tilbury Pillowtalk is universally flattering on all skin tones and sets the vibe for elevated, classy and classic lip look for day or night. It’s available in mini if you’re not one for commitment 😉

9. Smell like YOU (but better)

You don’t want to smell like perfume, but you want to smell GOOD. We hear ya.

Glossier says it perfectly, stating, “Formulated as a skin-smell enhancer, our eau de parfum melts into skin for a scent that is uniquely yours. More “you smell good” than “your perfume smells good.” 

This perfume is a must for people who aren’t “perfume people”.

TIP: Apply perfume to damp skin to make scent last longer. Or use a dab of Vaseline with perfume and rub mixture on pulse points.

perfume for people who don't like perfume

10. Makeup Brushes Can be Complicated

Makeup brushes can be confusing, and with wildly different bristles, price points, etc, it took forever to finally find an entire set that does it all. This is an investment set but should last you years if cleaned and dried properly.

TIP: Make sure to clean your brushes regularly and let them dry on their side, with bristles over the sink/countertop allowing for air circulation all the way around.

This drying method also keeps water from seeping inside where the brush meets the handle, so it doesn’t mold or come undone! That’s the worst!

This Sigma classic 5 piece makeup brush set is perfect for a fresh fall start, and has all the tools you’ll need to get started with your best fall makeup!

makeup brushes for fall 2023

Let us know when you try any of these products by tagging us on social media or sending us a message! We love your feedback and hope this is your most stylish and confident season yet!

Looking for something we didn’t cover and need suggestions? Feel free to email Jen directly, at



Written by Jennifer Deyo