10 Secret Weapons Our Stylists Swear By

We’re sharing our ten insider secrets to great style. We’re like Mary Poppins, pulling these items from our handbag when styling ourselves and our clients!

1. The Gun for all kinds of wardrobe malfunctions

This stitch gun is so easy to use and perfect for temporary hemming! Neckline plunging too low? That weird gap between shirt buttons driving you insane? This is the secret to easy fixes for any clothing and it’s easy to adhere and remove without damage!

2. Cut your denim like a pro

These scissors are great for cutting denim or any fabric. Need those cropped jeans to hit at exactly the right spot? We’ve got a tutorial here you can watch. But be sure to get a great pair of scissors for a crisp and even cut!

insider secrets to great style. denim scissors fashion stylist uses

3. Fashion Tape for so many purposes!

This is a must have for incredible styling. Crop a sweater (tutorial here) without the bulkiness from tucking it in, use it to secure a collar in place, keep a neckline from plunging or moving around in “*eh hem* unexpected places. The uses are endless! Shop Fearless fashion tape.

4. Jean Buttons for cinching in your waist.

Jeans too big in the waist but know winter is coming and you don’t wanna commit to permanent (and pricey!) alterations? We keep these buttons around that stick through your jeans (no damage) and twist the backing on like an earring, and boom. No more gap in the back of your jeans! Super easy and useful jean buttons to use if waist is too large.

VIDEO HERE: See us demonstrating how easy they are here.

5. Portable and powerful steamer.

You know that friend who always looks so polished and clean!? We can almost guarantee she uses a steamer. It makes even the most basic jeans and a tee shirt outfit look polished when it’s crisp and wrinkle-free. This no spill steamer heats up in 30 seconds and you can get rid of that god awful ironing board!!

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6. No show socks can be a no-go sometimes.

They slip down, move around and can cause blisters. Blair’s client recommended these no show socks that actually stay put! Now the whole team uses these! We love a good recommendation, so if you ever have one we should know about, let our team know by emailing Jen at jen@bestyledco.com

Shop the best no show socks | Shop fashion sneakers

7. Tide Pens – for the oops moments.

Spilled your pumpkin spice latte? Well that’s a shame but momma told us not to try over spilled latte. Keep this in your bag and you’re good.

  • Powerful solution breaks stains down; microfiber pad lifts and absorbs them; Doesn’t contain bleach
  • Portable, pen-like design – fits neatly into briefcases, purses, drawers, or car compartments
  • No mess, nothing to throw away, nothing to get on hands
secret weapons to great style


8. Lint roller that’s reusable and washable.

Pet hair, especially on an all black outfit is, well, going to ruin an outfit in no time. Stay fresh and lint free with this reusable roller!

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9. Boob Tape!

It’s all in the name – our personal stylist tools include these for those dresses or tops you love, but can’t seem to get away from wearing a traditional bra with. This boob tape is a great solution to going braless. Keeps you comfortable and supported and doesn’t hurt to remove! Read full instructions on how to protect your boobies while using this tape and it’s easy to cut to work with most any neckline.

ten secret weapons for great style

10. Polished Pullover (Vuori Dupe!)

Lastly, we couldn’t forget to include a clothing item – for those days where leggings will have to do, this Vuori dupe pullover is affordable but looks luxe! Stay polished and comfy in this one – comes in many color combinations. If you’re unsure how to create comfy, casual, work from home outfits, our stylists are ready to help you!

Vuori dupe pullover from Amazon. secrets to great style

Shop Pullover Here

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xoxo, Blair and Team




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Written by Jennifer Deyo