How to Pick the Perfect Pair of Jeans

Professional stylist, Kassi, is sharing her tips and tricks for finding your perfect jeans

  1. Pocket Placement: Make sure all back pockets are placed above your butt curve. This gives your butt a lift and makes it look amazing! Otherwise, if the pockets are too low, it will make your booty look saggy.  Also, if pockets are placed further apart it will make your butt look wider than it actually is.

QUICK DENIM TIP: Look for denim with 3-4 fingers (width) between pockets. 

finding your perfect jean. How to buy the perfect pair of jeans

Pictures for reference of what is desirable for jean pocket placement and what to avoid when shopping for jeans.

  • Pocket Size: Make sure you are buying jeans with pockets that are the correct size for your bottom. If pockets are too big for you, it can make your butt look saggy and small. If pockets are too small, it will make your butt appear bigger than it is. (Example: Paige denim is great for those who have smaller butts because they have smaller pockets). Try and go for a medium size pocket jean if you aren’t sure! Pictures below for reference.
how to pick the perfect pair of jeans

Girl with dark jeans has pockets too big for her, but the first picture is a great size for her booty!

  • The Zipper Length: Pay attention to zippers as better quality and well fitting jeans will have a longer zipper and very little space between the crotch and bottom of the zipper. Cheaply made jeans will have a shorter zipper. If you’re worried about your stomach, the shorter the zipper, the more pronounced it will be.  (This is also why women can get “camel toe”… IFYKY)
Jean do's and don'ts for women 2023

Pictures for reference (Dark jean is shorter zipper & light wash is a longer zipper, more flattering)

  • The V-Shaped Jean Yolk: First off, did you say yolk? What even is that? It is the riser and v shaped section on the back of your denim. The more V shaped the seam is, the more round your butt will look! The less V shaped the seam is, the flatter your butt will appear. 
how to shop for the perfect denim

Pictures for reference, first having more V shaped yolk and 2nd photo has no V shape. 

  • Pay Attention to Fit and Fabric Blend: While fit is crucial, also consider the fabric blend used in the jeans you’re eyeing. A touch of elastane or spandex in the fabric blend can make the jean more comfortable and flexible without compromising the classic denim look. Look on the description or tag for a balance between stretch and structure that complements your body type and personal style.

If you need help shopping for YOUR perfect jean, Kassi is our jean expert! Book Kassi here.

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Written by Jennifer Deyo